Saturday, August 6, 2011

Back from Buffalo, and a bit of sewing :)

Hubby and I took a little trip to Buffalo to mail some packages and do a little shopping - I picked up some black/white and lime green FQ's for a string quilt, a lot of buttons, some ribbon and split rings for making zipper bags, and a double needle. I also picked up a yard of pretty pink floral fabric and a yard of a TOT to go with it, plus some ladybugish fabric - red with black polka dots :) I was really only looking for specific items (most of which I didn't find) so it was a small haul - relatively speaking ;)

Here's the Christmas gift bag I made today (22" x 27") to hold the quilt/pillowcase I recently finished ... plus some zipper bags made to use up the last bits of the golf fabric that's on the front :)


  1. Seems like there was a song about "shuffle off to Buffalo"....can't quite remember. We made it to PH today but not a lot of satisfaction there either! The quilt shop seems to have less and less of the $3/yd fabrics every time. Love your gift and zipper bags! How's Zoomer doing?

  2. nice little haul... pity you didn't get all you had wanted..... love the little bag you have made...

  3. Even though you didn't get all you wanted, I'll bet it was nice to get away for a bit, especially since you had to cancel your plans last weekend.

    Cute bags as always, both the gift bag and the zipper bags.


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