Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Beatrix Potter :)

Phone and internet were out for part of the day today - I was reduced to using my cellphone for phone calls *shudders*. I'm not one of those people who walks around carrying a cellphone like it was glued to my hand, unable to put it away for even 2 minutes ... unlike most of the people who ride the local bus and who shop in the local stores!

A few recent finishes ...

 The flannel (a Beatrix Potter print!) is actually a pale pink but at this time of the night I was unable to get a good photo.  Lovely bibs for someone with a little girl:)

 Here are some composition book/notebook covers made to use up the last bits of this Christmas fabric :)

 This photo doesn't really show the lovely deep pink of the pillowcase cuffs - the camera seems to have a mind of it's own at this time of night, lol.  These are for Blue Hills :)

The fabric for both bags is the same colour, so I'm not sure why the top bag appears darker.  The ladies are quite the golfers! ;)


  1. Awww... those bibs are cute. I love the ricrac and lace that you added to each.

    The notebook covers look great. I may have to make one for the composition book that I'm using for my gratitude journal to pretty it up at bit.

    And those golf ladies do make a person smile.

    I have this picture of you at your sewing machine, just sewing and smiling from all the cute fabrics you use in your different bags and pillowcases, bibs, etc.

  2. You always get such a lot done.... I love those pretty pink bibs..

  3. Look at all the goodies you've been sewing! The bags with the golf ladies crack me up. lol

  4. Ack - no phone - no internet - I'd be going crazy! I hate using a cell phone too, I don't understand the fascination or ADDICTION that most folks have. Lovely, lovely sewing, Sandra! Those bibs make me wish I had a baby girl, lol!

  5. Lots of great finishes. I love the pillowslips.

  6. Oh wow, that Beatrix Potter fabric is just gorgeous! How many babies do you know Sandra??


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