Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Plowing through stash :D

Here are a couple of pillowcases for Blue Hills that I finished today :) [finished up the last of all 4 of those fabrics!]

Some patchwork bibs for a young lad named Keaton - isn't that a great name?  It reminds me of one of our Canadian national treasures - the delightful Michael J. Fox - as Alex P. Keaton :D [almost finished the scraps of those prints :)]

Loralie golf ladies boxy bag - isn't this fabric a hoot?!   There's a matching zipper bag somewhere in my craft room, so the two will go as a set :) [2 more sets kitted with the last of this fabric]


  1. Using up stash means more room to add new fabrics, doesn't it?

    I'm not a golfer, but if I was, I would totally love that box bag with the golf ladies... it's just such fun.

    Little Keaton is going to look adorable in those bibs.

  2. Dang girl! You're a machine! These are wonderful! I LOVE Michael J. Fox....I had such a crush on him.


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