Tuesday, August 30, 2011

More little finishes :)

Here are a couple of recent finishes ... mainly using up the last bits and pieces of fabrics, and using up some of my sweet crocheted flowers!

 IIRC, the yellow/black fabric and the black/cream fabrics were from a garage sale @ Country Concessions :)  These will go to Blue Hills :)

 "Dumpling" sized [6" tall x 7" wide x 2" deep - ish] rainbow gift bags for my sister :)

Christmas gift bag and composition book cover - Wendy, do you recognize 2 somethings in this photo? ;)


  1. The little bags are adorable! I think the little dumplings bags are my favorite ones. :)

  2. lovely little makes, love the drawstring bags. I think I see crocheted flowers!

  3. Wow girl - send me some energy - these are fabulous!!!!

  4. Great zippies. Lovely fabrics. The dumplings look cute. I love their stripey bottoms. Good use of the crochet flowers :)

  5. great finishes Sandra,well done and what a lovely blog site you have

  6. You make the cutest litte bags!


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