Friday, July 22, 2011

FNSI completions :)

Sewing the buttons onto my quilt
 Nancy's sachets under construction

Hell yeah, the most important FNSI ingredient - BOOZE!

The 2nd most important FNSI ingredient - blueberry jam squares :)

Pretty - Nancy's strawberries ready to work on, along with the container of home-grown lavender :)

 Woohoo quilt and matching pillowcase - completed! 
A bigger picture of the finished quilt :)

Nancy's finished sachets - I didn't have to steal one - she gave Amanda and I each our own sachet - thanks Nanc!


  1. Your sew in looks very comfy. Love all the finishes.

  2. oh you girls put me to shame with all the stuff you got done! I feel a little left out as I didn't get any blueberry squares. ;0( the sachets are so sweet and your talent as a quilter is amazing! Oh, and I saw your legs!

  3. Okay, now we know why you three have so much fun at FNSI... it's the booze... lol

    I may have to add that ingredient to my FNSI if it makes for such a productive night.

  4. I see you've been busy.... I think I read another one of your friend's blog about your sew-in. I'm still thinking about that dessert you baked.

  5. Wow. You did a lot! I missed it last night! I will have to make it up one day next week. Loved seeing all your things.

  6. WHAT FUN! Love the quilt, the colors are awesome! And oh those darling little strawberries!

  7. Love your quilt. But those strawberries! Mmmmmm. and sooo cute!
    Yeah Canada!

  8. Lovely things you've made. I think I should do more pre organisation for FNSI's then I could do more sewing.

  9. Hey, the berries are really cute. Love the quilt, what a finish! I miss the booze, it would knock me out or I'd sew my fingers to the fabric drinking booze. LOL

  10. The sangria was about 50 per cent Orangina, so techically, more or less soda pop. We just looked liked we were being booze hounds! Sandra's quilt seriously rocks.


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