Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Stay cool in a heat wave ...

by spending time in the nice cool basement sewing room, lol!

Here's a golf bag set I made for my sister :)
I completed this soft book today.  The front cover is denim recycled from my husband's work jeans :D
 Inside of front cover, and page 1.
 Pages 2 and 3.
 Pages 4 and 5.
Page 6 and inside of back cover.
Back cover :)


  1. Great fabric book.... such a lovely way to learn colours


  2. Your projects are FABULOUS!!! I"m sorry you are having a heat wave too! We are frying here! At least we can sew inside :)
    Hugs, Mickie

  3. PLEASE send me some of your energy, lol. GREAT projects, girl, and a great way to beat the heat! Love the last post....cracked me up...

  4. I'm wishing right now that we had a basement where it was nice and cool to sew. I should be working on putting the binding on the flying zebra child-sized quilt but it's just too darned hot.

    The fabric book turned out really cute.

  5. Stop moaning about the heat everyone, or I'll send you some of the rain we've had for weeks!!

    Lovely projects as ever Sandra, such a cute little book


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