Monday, April 15, 2013

Santa sack and UFO's :)

 April's Santa sack finished - 4 done, 1 more to go :)
Today I finished my 3rd UFO for this year (see UFO Apocolypse link @ top of page) - it's in the dryer right now so I'll get a picture tomorrow.  It's the top UFO on that page - the turquoisey blue + lime green quilt.   It'll get donated to the counselling centre :)

Then I got cracking on another UFO --- it's #11 on that list - the blue scrappy boy quilt.  The top is now finished (36" square) and I'll try to get it sandwiched this week.  3 down, 12 to go :D


  1. Way to go Sandra. You're fast. Love the scrappy quilt

  2. Looks Good! Love that santa bag :) I just finished a UFO too and have to post it. The UFOS are taking longer...which only means that I finished the easier projects :( Hugs and hugs!

  3. I was in the midst of commenting, and it disappeared. I went back up to get a close-up of Matteo's bag. Love those little round peppermints in the trim. Maybe the comment went through--or not. Apologies is this is a repeat, but I was wondering what you used to make the lettering. I'm waiting for the craft fairy to bring me a Silhouette. Do NOT tell there there is no craft fairy.

  4. Very cute Santa sack =D And the scrappy boys quilt is going to be well loved. What boy doesn't love blue =D

  5. well done you! You're whizzing through these wips!


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