Monday, April 1, 2013

Let them eat CAKE :D

iPad and pencil pouch set :)  Fabric was purchased @ a quilt store in Hershey, PA during a trip there in 2011!

Back - fabric for a toddler quilt (bought as a kit).  Middle - TOT prints for some projects I have kitted.  Front - a USA print given to me by my friend Mickie, to make a pouch for my "use in the USA" cellphone, lol!  These fabrics were all purchased (or received) during our trip to Florida last month :)


  1. Wow, you got a lot done! I love the cake fabric ones and glad you could use the fabric :D Have a great day!

  2. Thanks for the eye candy! I'm on a fabric-buying moratorium until I use up a good portion of what I've got. Too bad I'm addicted to the buying rather than the using of fabric.

    Now is the Microsoft Surface Pro that I am present goading my husband into buying for me going to fit in that case??? Inquiring minds want to know! I figure if I make a case, he has to buy it, right?

  3. Hello Zipper Queen :) Looks like you are getting lots done. Fun fabrics!!!

  4. I love the little button details on your pouches!!!


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