Tuesday, April 16, 2013

UFO finished, and a picture of my able assistant :)

UFO completion #3 for 2013 -- blue and green toddler quilt :)  This one finished to 43" x 43", and will go to the counselling centre :)

Quilt back -- it's the same batik that I used on the front for the border.  This was TWO BUCKS a yard @ a Joanns red tag clearance a few years ago - score!
Photo added with permission, here's my cheerful and able assistant, who got told that since he didn't take his laundry upstairs when I asked him to, he had to hold the quilt so I could get a picture, LOL.  He's such a good boy man :)
FREE BONUS - today only!  My Zoomer doing what he does best, in his favourite spot at the end of my couch :D


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  2. Love your quilt and I'm sure they'll really appreciate it at the center. Your assistant is such a good sport. By the look on his face he seems to be saying, 'if only I'd taken my laundry upstairs'. LOLLL My handsome assistant needs to be put in his place too. Maybe I can get him to model one of my bags. LOLLLL

  3. A little person will love snuggling under that beautiful quilt.

  4. A corrected version of my first comment! There are probably errors here,too, that I will find as soon as I hit the publish button.

    Your son looks confused! Obviously he did not inherit your fabric-loving gene. Zoomer, on the other hand, must have been a quilter in a former life. He knows that quilts are for more than just setting them out to look pretty.

  5. Isn't it a great feeling when you can finish up a UFO? I finished, well nearly finished, a UFO that had been hanging around here for over 3 years. I'm sending it off to a charity project the quilt guild is participating in. I'm glad it's going to a new and needed home.

  6. The quilt turned out great! I love that colour combination. And what is that I see in the background of the photo? Is that actually green grass? It might actually be safe to come back to Canada... lol

  7. LOL! I love these pictures! The look on your son's face is cracking me up! He's looking at the quilt like....what did I do to deserve this....haha!!!!

    Anyway, the quilt looks adorable and so does Zoomer =D

  8. oh, I really love that quilt...the colors are fabulous!


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