Wednesday, April 10, 2013

(2013) UFO #3 almost complete :)

Colour block quilt almost completed --- UFO #3 for 2013 :)
Along with my friend Mickie, I'm working on completing a bunch of quilt UFO's this year.  Here's my March project almost finished - I didn't get one done last month as we were away for half of the month :D  The colour blocking idea was inspired by these ... posts by Jenny :)


  1. I like that idea and your bright colors.

  2. Once again, I love the color combinations you have here. Those greens and blues look like jewels together! My niece called last night about doing a lap quilt for some school event. I'm thinking I will have to copy my sewing muse again.

  3. Way to go, getting so close to a UFO finish.

  4. Isn't it great to get those UFOs out of the way and completed. Nicely done!!

  5. Cute!!!! I love those colorful blocks =D


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