Sunday, April 21, 2013

Bad vacuum. BAD! :D

Our oldest son showed me this video today, lol.  Silly sweet marmie!  It just KILLS me at the end when he starts to swat the wand, LOL!

I recently challenged a bloggy friend to complete a project she wanted to do but hadn't gotten around to - a Kindle cover.  My part of the challenge would be to make a baby dress - something I've wanted to do for a while but, like her, hadn't gotten around to.  We had until this coming Friday to complete git 'r done.   Happily, within 3 days, we were both finished :D

I haven't tried mine on an actual human being (will see my model this coming Sunday) but Gong Gong the panda looks pretty springy in HIS dress!  The free tutorial came from here, and the instructions on lining the bodice came from here.  The dress tutorial has all the sizes from 12 months right up to size 14 --- I'll be making more of these (some for Blue Hills) :) 

Time for another challenge, I'd say!


  1. Oh, funny. Cute panda in the dress for sure, lol.

  2. what a pretty little boy panda! I bet he's loving being all dressed up like a girl! It is an adorable dress though, has it got a zip up the back?!?

  3. Hope Gong Gong doesnt feel too traumatised about wearing such a pretty dress. That looks like a lovely pattern, might need to go check it out. I watch the cat video on Facebook a couple of nights ago - so funny.

  4. Please delete this post! I keep coming back to watch the silly cat video...... cannot stop- help meeeeeee!

  5. Soooo cute! Now who else would have thought to use a stuffie to model? Must remember that in the future when I can't find a willing human. Can't wait to see a pic on a little person.

  6. Panda looks very spiffy in his new outfit!!! Love your choice of fabric...

  7. That cat cracks me up. I think I've watched the video 394873045 times now LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!
    That dress is too stinkin cute =D

  8. What a strange cat... every other cat I've ever known hates the vacuum cleaner.

    The dress is super cute!

  9. Loving the dress! It is very sweet on the panda, so when it goes on that sweet little girl, it will be adorable!
    PS I seem to recognize that fabric...


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