Sunday, April 28, 2013

Catching up on picture posting :D

I've been getting a lot of sewing done this month (not surprising, as the weather has been crappy!) but haven't been keeping up with the photography. That's because I prefer sewing to photography, LOL. Here are a few April finishes ... lots of these items will be going to Blue Hills - I have a big box of stuff ready for them :D

Pencil pouches (using up bits and pieces of stash)

iPad and pencil pouches :)

Pirate boxy bag - this is one of my favourites - it's so cute!

Another iPad and pencil pouch set - this is Susan Branch fabric :)

SURPRISE!!  Another iPad and pencil pouch set!  I bet you didn't see THAT coming!  :D

14 earbud pouches :D

16 earbud pouches :)

Close-up of the zipper pull on the 6 cowboy pouches - can you spot the boot?  :D

5 pink bibs :)

3 remnant bibs!


  1. Do you ever sleep??? They all look great!!! How do you get your boxy bags to stand up ... wadding, interfacing etc? LOVE the set under the pirate boxy bag!!!

  2. wow! you have been so busy!! :) Nice work!

  3. Well what can I say. You're amazing. As usual everything looks just great. That vegetable fabric is gorgeous.

  4. Love your projects, i envy how much you've gotten done! Wow!
    That cowboy boot pull is too cha-cha for words, it's awesome! Hugs,

  5. I'm exhausted just looking at this post! You amaze me. We are finally having some good weather, but that's no excuse for me. I don't get a fraction of that kind of work done in ANY weather. Once I finish this bag--which is changing hourly--I am definitely going to get into your kitting system.

  6. WOW... lots of sewing in the "dungeon." Love the Susan Branch fabric.

  7. yummy, yummy fabrics. I just wonder, do they really use those earbud pouches?

  8. wow you have been busy! those cowboy boot charms are perfect!

  9. WOW!!!! You are a sewing machine!!!!!!!!!!! Everything looks perfect =D I love the little details...little buttons and the boot =P


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