Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Roadblock ahead!

Ladies and gentlemen - there will be a slight delay in the making of the tie bib :D  Until the road is cleared, we'll work on a different one - heeeeeeeeere fishy fishy fishy!

I was working in the basement this morning - I had the fabrics on the table to make a bib - I went to the ironing board to press something, and when I turned back around, my sewing assistant had decided to show up for work - several hours late, I should add!  ;)  Of course he trumps the tie bib, so I'm working on a different one until His Nibs moves His Fat Butt :D


  1. I don't think I ever saw your cat. It's huge! Love this foxy kind. We had one that look like little tiger to us, lol.

  2. Zoomer is such a beautiful color. He looks very "healthy" and handsome in this photo.
    My kitty assistants only work as fabric weights. Poodles make for good speed-bumps so I cannot rush around very easily. LOL

  3. He's so cute, Seamus wants to play with him (he would play too not attack). Hello pretty zoomer boy! It's pretty cold here, hope it is warmer there! with winchills in the 20s Sheesh
    Sew on!

  4. He looks rather settled in for a sleep. What is it with our cats - always have to investigate and take over everything new. Got to love them.

  5. It's easy to see who's in charge at your house. From the look on that boy's face, I would not be making him move either! What a beauty!

  6. Your cat is sooo cute!!! Our cats do the same thing. I'm often shooing them off of the ironing board!!!

  7. I knew we were kindred spirits :) My "Arthur" looks remarkably like your "helper" :)

  8. Hi Sandra. It's been awhile since I've visited. Just wanted to say hello and hope you're having a great week!!


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