Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Fish with bibs. No - fish AND bibs :D

Here we go - yesterday's bib completions (which were interrupted when Zoomer decided that the denim fabric was for his comfort, not for his cousin Massimo's drool :D), and today's earbud pouch completions :)

Earbud pouches (measuring 5.25" in diameter) - tutorial here :)

Cousin bibs - as in, bibs made for Massimo (who, along with his twin sister Madelena, turns 1 this month!), using denim from worn out work jeans from their (second) cousins' Nick & Chris :)  The inspiration for the tie bib came from here - thanks Becca!   Maddie's bibs were completed last summer and have been waiting for the proper gifting occasion :D 


  1. I love that you re-purposed jeans for the bibs! They turned out super cute!!! And six earbud pouches already? You're on a roll!!!

  2. Oh that fish fabric on the ear bud pouches is pretty! And those bibs made out of denim will last to be passed on to the next little one. Love the one with the tie.

  3. Look at all this stuff! You are incredible. I am about to do some bibs because my new snap-putter-on-er turns out to be AWESOME. I can't wait to try it on some bibs. I am taken with the bibs from jeans. If there is one thing I have an abundance of, it is old jeans.

  4. Good idea to reuse the jeans fabric - lovely additions to make such gorgeous bibs. The earbud pouches are cute in the fish fabric.

  5. Oh, well- I was expecting to see fish wearing bibs! LOL But hey, I really like your bibs and pouches. You always have some of the cutest ideas.
    Let me know when you are starting to sew red kitty blocks!

  6. such sweet bibs! can't believe they're going to be 1 already! they won't need bibs for much longer...


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