Sunday, January 30, 2011

Blue :D

2 more pillowcases completed for Blue Hills - that makes 6 done of 14, so I'm ahead of schedule since I don't need them until the beginning of December :D

Tomorrow I have to go to the dentist (eeeeeeeeeeeeek!) and then I'm going to run to the fabric store (run, lol - I take the BUS!) for something I need to complete a project - who knows what I might find there that needs to come home with me?  ;)


  1. They're lovely!! You are so good at getting things done. Good luck at the dentist [yuck], hope you find some treasures at the fabric store!

  2. Those are great pillowcases Sandra!!! Love the fabrics!
    Good luck at the dentist's, and set that credit card on fire at the fabric store!!! lol!


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