Saturday, January 8, 2011

This is why you do a trial run :)

I found a wine bottle bag tutorial @ Sew4Home and decided to give it a try.  I used some scrap tropical fabric for the trial run, and wasn't very pleased with the results, LOLOL.  The ribbon is attached too low on the bag (and actually ties around the wide part of the bottle - who does that?!).  The bottom flaps are MOST unattractive and floppy in their version!

My adjustments:
Step 4 - place the top of the ribbon 3" below the mid seam - not halfway down.
Step 6 - instead of leaving the opening on the bottom edge, put it on the side (on the lining).  After stitching around 3 edges, box the bottom of the outside and lining by cutting 1.5" squares and boxing as normal.  Finish the bag the way the instructions instruct :D

With my changes, you'll have THIS result - I think it's much prettier :)

My version versus theirs ... I do like the look of mine better, especially the bottom and the ribbon placement :)


  1. yours does win, miss Sandra, i love the taupe color too...very classy. Like the new Canadian button up top of the blog. Me wants to move to Canada :(

  2. Your way is MUCH prettier. The trial run is how it would look if I made it :)

  3. Wowsers ~ what a difference! You are amazing. I'm really itching to sew but I'm afraid it's gonna be a while. My sewing room is still in boxes and right now priority is finding the pots and pans so we can quit eating out!

  4. Your way is best! Love them both...colorways.

  5. See that is what happens when you drinn k the wine and then try to sew abg to cover it up LOL great job sister. QW


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