Saturday, January 29, 2011

Happy Birthday Nick!

Happy birthday, shorty!  Love you! Here he is @ The Keg last year on his birthday - those are some sexy boxer shorts I bought him, LOL.  We'll be going to the same restaurant tonight - it's his and my favorite place to dine fine :D

I've started working on my second PHD for Myra's challenge (see link at right) - I had 7 phd's to finish by June 30, finished the first one last week, and am now working on #2 - Small String.  It currently measures 48X54" and I want to enlarge it to 54X72.  I've already made the extra blocks I needed, so I'm going to start putting it together today.  This will be birthed and tied like project #1 :)

 Here's the Patchyapple boxy bag I just completed - it's part of a travel gift set, and I'll get it mailed to the recipient this coming week :) 
 It measures 10" long x 5" tall X 4" deep - it turned out pretty damn good, if I do say so myself!   I have one more little item planned for this set, but the "hardware" is coming from China and it hasn't arrived yet - I'll mail it separately :D 


  1. Happy Birthday to Nick! Hope you enjoyed your dinner!

    Love your string quilt, Sandra, and that pouch is just too cute - my gosh you get a lot done!

  2. I had done one of those boxes bags a while back and loved how it turned out. Didn't print out the pattern and now she's taken it off her site... boo!

  3. Love the string quilt, need to try that with my stash of strip scraps someday. The boxy bag is great, looks like a perfect cosmetic/toiletry bag for traveling or to just keep in the bathroom.


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