Saturday, January 15, 2011

Stickeule Reindeer :)

I found a fun XS blog a while back and decided yesterday to start a reindeer I found there.  Renate did two versions - this one and this one - I think they're both adorable!  Here's my start - notice the smyrna stitch in his (her?) belly - I love that stitch and try to add it to every project ... when I remember, LOL.

I also got another ladybug book thong finished tonight - I made it while hubby and I were watching the news.  I wish I could find my reading glasses tho - these old eyes of mine aren't very happy working on such detailed tiny projects!

One  more finish - 5 glitter wine bottle bags (link to tutorial is here).  They turned out just lovely, iidssm!  I have another set of 5 cut out and started in burgundy glitter fabric - hopefully I can finish them this weekend.  My newest crafting accessory = 5 wine bottles - I keep 'em on a shelf in my craft room now, for picture posing purposes, LOL!


  1. I've seen those cute reindeer finished. They're sweet!

  2. I had never heard of the smryna stitch but I see it and I like it!!!


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