Monday, January 10, 2011

Crafting at a friend's house :)

 I was at a friend's house tonight to do some crafting - I love your portable Ott light, Nanc - I'll have to pick one up the next time D and I go Stateside :)  Here's the book thong I finished - it measures 12" long :)

Here are the two name labels I XS'd for kiddy wallets I'm making for Matteo 1 (our great nephew) and Matteo 2 (next door neighbour's son :)  Matteo 1 will get this for his 3rd birthday next month, and Matteo 2 will get his for Christmas (he'll be 3 by then) :)  The tutorial is from Sneezerville :D


  1. I love that book thong. I keep meaning to try that. Maybe one of these days I'll get my sewing/craft room unpacked and begin sewing.
    So many ideas rattling around in my wee little brain that need to come out!

  2. Olá, amiga!
    Passei para uma visitinha...
    Tenha uma boa semana com muita luz, paz e saúde... porque criatividade seu blog já tem muita.
    Brasil ♥♥

  3. well aint that unny the cutest/!! It looks like it was a pet that got loose. so nice DS to feed it too. PPQW


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