Friday, January 28, 2011

The peas didn't work out ...

I have some beautiful glass pea beads I purchased a few months ago from an ebay seller - I was going to make a beaded book thong today with the beads as the end focal points, but they just didn't look right - they were way too long, and they looked awkward.  The long skinny shape just won't work with that type of project, so I'll save those pretty little guys for a project that will suit them better ;) 

Since I already had the main part of the book thong strung, I added some pretty glass leaves instead of the peas - it worked out a lot better :)  The red bookmark is what I made tonight when I had my friends Nancy and Amanda over for a crafty hen party :D

Speaking of our crafty hen party, here are a few photos - none of us wanted to be in the photos so I had to focus the camera on the table and our arms ... HA!!!   As you can see I baked a (ginger peach) cake for the occasion, and started bringing out the beading supplies ...

Here we are in full swing - carrying on and playing with the beads :D

Amanda working on her pretty book thong ... or rather ... Amanda's ARMS working on her pretty book thong!

This is my work area - I was working with read and gold ;)  You can see Nancy's arm in the background on the left :D

Here are the bookmarks we completed - on the left is Amanda's (with the orange beads), then top right is mine, with gold/red beads, and bottom right is Nancy's, with pretty sea turtle beads :)

A close-up of our 3 projects :)

Thanks for the lovely evening, ladies - Wendy - these photos are for you - wish you were here to play with us - it would have been a hoot!


  1. Those peas are too gorgeous - wouldn't they make lovely earrings! How fun to be playing with such gorgeous beads with your friends. Your projects are too lovely!

    You know, you're a bad influence on me, I gave away all my beading focus on sewing....and now I want it back! But there is no way I'd have more time now!

  2. Love your book thongs! What a hoot! But so cute!

  3. It's great to finally see what you girls look like - well, OK, to see what Nancy's arms look like! Just as I imagined them (?!?!). No wonder I didn't turn up, you didn't invite me! I mean, it's only a 3 hour drive to the airport, a couple of hours waiting at the gate, an 8 hour flight to Toronto then a train ride or a car journey to your place... What could have stopped me?

  4. I had no idea what a book "thong" was and was almost afraid to ask. LOL Those are very pretty and such a great idea for gift giving! I have lots of readers on my gift list, thanks for the inspiration!


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