Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I found the shoe bags ...

along with a passport receipt bag I forgot I had made, lol. Sheesh I must have made it within the last few weeks, and I don't remember making it!  Oh well - I got the 2 small zipper bags done today, so the set now consists of 3 shoe bags, 2 zipper bags and a passport receipt bag :)  I still need to get the zipper for the boxy bag, and I have to find the tutorial for the luggage hande wraps so I know how big to cut the fabric.  The set is coming along nicely :)

I also finished another rainbow gift bag and a gingerbread pillowcase today, and organized a wicker basket full of project kits to work on.  The kids were in school - their orientation for trade school (term 1 of 3 for C and term 2 of 3 for N) - they start regular classes tomorrow.  The relative importance of that statement, of course, is that it means I get my days back to myself, sans kids, LOL.  Selfish I am! ;)


  1. I hear you sister! My hubby is going to be on business trips the rest of this week and next week too! Can you hear my needle going???

  2. you always amaze me with how much sewing you get done!

    By the way, I read your post in my reader, came over here to write a comment and no writing shows in your posts unless you highlight it...

  3. Nice little bags - like the fabric! I'm trying to catch up with the bloggers on Myra's Challenge, and 'follow' fellow Canadians - looking forward to getting to know you, and watching your progress on the challenge. Blessings, Peg


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