Saturday, February 4, 2012

Cancan dancers sing their song - doo dah, doo dahhhhhh :)

 Cancan dancers tall pouch - this goes into my gift box :)  Fabric is Can Can Girls by Mary Stewart for Elizabeth Studios :)

Here's a close-up of the zipper pull, and thank you blogger for deciding how you want my post to look, rather than letting ME choose.  @*&#$)@#$*(#$@

Boxy bag with fall fabric - I tried embroidering an acorn to embellish the inside, but my embroidery machine absolutely refused to work - I hope it was just an isolated incident *gulp*!

One more panty bag for stash :D
Page 2 of A's soft book :)


  1. Well you haven't been slacking, now have you?? Now I have the doo dah song in my head, lol. Love your bags and book page! I hope your machine comes to its senses....

  2. Beautiful! Then, your things always are. Cancan girls is so cute!

    I'm using my panty bag for my trip--got it all packed with my Ipod and its paraphernalia.

    As always, that zipper pull is inspiring.

    I see that weight ticker is moving right along! Good for you. I, on the other hand, need to get back on the elliptical trainer. Well, I'm off to exercise.

  3. That Cancan dancer fabric is so much fun.

    Hope your embroidery machine is working again.

  4. Love your soft page and of course your zippered totes are great!!!


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