Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Well, it worked out ... but ...

but it definitely needs some redrafting.  The roof line should be lower - somehow I miscalculated where to stitch the seam *oops*.  Also, the angle that the zipper is at, makes for a very SHORT zipper - the bag doesn't open very much and it was really hard to tuck the lining in and get it straightened out.

I think if I make the bag a bit narrower but taller (and get the roofline right) it'll make a big difference!  The original is here, for comparison :D


  1. But it sure turned out CUTE!!!!

  2. It's a cute little bag... but I can see where that short zipper would make it difficult to use the bag. How about if you had the zipper run along the entire roof line?

  3. Being spatially challenged, I am lost as to how all this works out. If your seams on the "walls" were wider would the roof work out?

    The small zipper would be a problem for me. For something this cute,though, I'd deal with it!

    Before I forget--have you worked with lace zippers? I've seen a couple of projects with them now. They are so freakin' neat!

  4. This is just fab! Give it to a child, they have small hands which will fit through the gap


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