Monday, February 27, 2012

Travel trio :)

Patchwork travel trio :)
I used up the last bits and pieces of all those fabrics to make these bags.  Even the lining of one of the bags was pieced to get me the size I needed!  The backing is the same for all the bags - the gold TOT fabric is twin needle stitched onto batting, just like the fronts.  These little pieced bags are real "scrap busters", as opposed to "stash busters"!

I got my POS Babylock back from the repair shop - it ran well at the shop, but I haven't tested it out here at home yet.  Will do that tomorrow.  I'm fairly certain I got the ONE Babylock in the entire civilized world, that's a POS.  I much prefer Slanty (the 411) or Bella (my 201) to POS because they're metal machines that take a licking and keep on ticking - the Babylock has made me a confirmed lover of vintage machines!  Can you tell I'm a bit bitter about my very expensive paperweight?  ;)


  1. Love your bags!

    It's a shame about the machine. I have an old Babylock Esante. It was second hand. The embroidery part worked for two or three seconds as I recall. It does a great job otherwise, though.

    My real love is my Brother Pacecetter PC 6500. Last time I took it in to be to be oiled, etc., the guy insinuated that it was old as dirt! Who cares? It works really well for both embroidery and regular sewing.

  2. They look fab with the patchwork! You should sell POS on ebay...

  3. Yep, those old machines just keep on going, don't they? Someday I'll be in the market for a featherweight. A REAL featherweight. Although I do love my Viking...
    Cute bags, way to use those scraps, girl!


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