Saturday, February 25, 2012

Pink and purple ...

Hmmmm - the bags are pretty, but the zipper pulls seem too heavy.  I think I'll restring them tomorrow with seed beads if I have any purple ones, or with pink and purple ribbon if my seeds don't suit.  Even as I was attaching them my sub-conscious was telling me ... "Not quite ...", lol.  The purple shell buttons look great, though! ;)

Happy birthday Brian (Feb. 25/64 - Dec. 31/98) - imagine - my younger brother would have been 48 today! 


  1. OMG! Today is also Heather's birthday and in the same year!

  2. Those are pretty, and I love the zipper pulls, but they do look heavy. My younger brother will be 42 this year - and he's a LOT younger - doesn't seem possible. I CAN'T be that old.

  3. Beautiful your purse with these colours
    I spent nice vacations in Dominica
    Have a good sunday

  4. The shell buttons are pretty, indeed, and perfect with the fabric.

    How sad to have lost your brother so early. It's sweet that you continue to note his birthday.

    Age--it does have an annoying way of creeping up on us, doesn't it?

  5. They're really pretty. you should restring the zipper pulls as a necklace, it's gorgeous!!

    So sad about your brother, so young...


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