Thursday, February 2, 2012

I fixed my oops :D

Yesterday's oops ... fixed today :)  This is for a soon-to-be-4 year old who cooks at his Nonna's house!  Downloadable pdf tutorial here :)

 Page 1 of a soft book for a little girl - a counting book :)  I started this project last July *embarrassed blush* - will get it done for her first birthday in June.  Some projects need time to AGE!!! ;)

I made the button book cover yesterday, and here's it's almost twin, with the crochet flower embellishment :)


  1. You did it! The apron looks great. I've heard of the soft books but never attenpted one.

  2. Sweet apron! You are so right, some projects must marinate before being completed. Lovely book covers!

  3. You are making so much work for me! I'm having trouble keeping up with "stealing" your ideas. I haven't done a soft book in ages. I think I need to do a few to put away for gifting.


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