Wednesday, February 1, 2012


 I decided to work on a project today that I need for the coming weekend.  I pulled out my cute rocket fabric from Joanns, and commenced a cutting.  Looks like a child-sized apron, does it not?  BUT WAIT!!

 CRAP!!!  I put the fold on the wrong side, and ended up with this arm-pitty looking piece, lol.  I'll just cut it up and use it for something else - I had lots of fabric and was able to recut with no problem :D

Here's what that piece is supposed to look like when it's cut out properly -- notice the applique'd M ;)

 Here are the last couple of projects I completed in January - 2 first aid bags ...

... a goldens zipper bag (using up the last few scraps of that fabric), and a quilted batik cat bag :)


  1. Love that golden bag and of course, those first aid bags are the cutest!

  2. Okay, your zipper pulls are making me sooo jealous! What do you use to string them? And that band-aid fabric! Where did you find that? I'm beginning to feel guilty. Every time I visit your blog, I steal a half dozen more ideas.

    If you can find someone with really short legs and a wiiiddde waist, you could turn the oops into pajama bottome;-}

  3. Those type of cutting ooooppps happen to me alot. The mistake wind up in my scrap bag. Maybe that's why I never seem to run out of scraps.

  4. That's why I make only quilts and not garments - ugh. I would do that every time! Love your bags!


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