Sunday, March 30, 2014

Tassimo and Penguins :D

When I came downstairs this morning, this is what I found in the kitchen - a carefully arranged stack of Tassimo coffee/tea disks, perched on my microwave. I don't drink coffee or tea - this was done by my husband. He drinks coffee and tea, our youngest son drinks coffee and tea, and our oldest son was coming by this morning and he drinks coffee. I think between the 3 of them, they certainly had their choice of items to drink! I stick with Diet Dr. Pepper, LOL!

Here are a couple of penguin zipper bags I finished yesterday - they're part of a Christmas gift for 3 year old BFFs - I'll probably tuck some little bubblebath or lip balms inside for fun :)  The pattern is by StubbornlyCrafty (NAYY) :)  I'm posting these to the Ho Ho Ho and On We Sew linky party :)


  1. Love your floral penguin versions. So cute.

  2. These zipper bags are so pretty! And I love the tiaras too! Great party ideas instead of the usual plastic stuff!

  3. That's a very organised display of drinks Sandra, they certainly take their tea and coffee drinking seriously in your house :)

    The penguin pouches are adorable, what a fun gift to give and receive! Thanks for linking up to Ho Ho Ho and on We Sew too.

  4. I love coffee and tea. The zippies are cute. I haven't seen those linkies before. I will have to have a look.

  5. You are really powering ahead with the Christmas gifts!!!

  6. When next I visit, I am having me a latte;-)
    Love the springtime penguins!

  7. Your men make me laugh!!! Love LOVE those penguins :)
    Hugs, Mickie

  8. ha ha ha, so, you have a Tassimo in your kitchen? so do I. sorry to say I cant see my favouritecoffee anywhere among the tassimodiscs ;-)

    love your penguins...

    Havent had my sewingmachine up since january - dont know why.

  9. I love the penguin pouches. I'm impressed that you're keeping up with Christmas makes. Every month I mean to do something and then I forget until I've missed the linky party. This month I should have time, now you've reminded me :)

  10. Love your penguin pouches!! I really love all the little bag and pouch projects you've chosen and book marked a few to try myself. Thank you for sharing!


  11. You seriously make the cutest things :) I have a couple of 3 year old girls. I may have to steal your idea........


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