Thursday, April 29, 2010

The cat watches me :D

The sewing room, like the upstairs, is undergoing reconstructive surgery (aka being reorganized) - the cat likes to supervise, and of course I have the old laptop here for kijiji and printing off patterns.  I should have tidied before photographing, lol.

Here's the tote and zipper bag I got finished today - I have another identical set cut out - this used up 3 pieces of stash fabric!

 The tote lining and pocket :D

We kijiji'd tonight and bought a black leather couch/loveseat set from a seller in Richmond Hill - we put it in the living room  - that's where C's fancy tv and tv stand are used, so it's pretty much the boys room.  We'll be doing the room in taupe and black, so I'm watching kijiji for other goodies!


  1. Oh, I envy you sometimes! The cat watching - got 4 lovelies too! As for a trip to Fabricland - whoa is me - it closes today at 5 - if we can stay open that long with the "stash" we have. Love your blog!!! Linda

  2. Cats supervise us -- make sure they don't miss a chance at playing with a "toy" we may leave out! :-)

  3. CUTE ~ CUTE ~ CUTE! The cat and the bag!


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