Friday, April 23, 2010

The new carpet is here!

The carpet guys are here right now laying our new carpet - family room, living room, dining room, downstairs hall, stairs going upstairs, and upstairs hall.  These were the first rooms we decided to update!  When I saw them carry the carpet in my first thought was ... errrrrrrrrrrrrr BORING!!!  But nope - it's a light caramel color - it has some punch to it (considering it's beige) :)  I like it, and they seem to be doing a nice job!  Our old $hit furniture (which is mostly green) is going to look like crap until we replace it, LOLOL. 

My poor kitty (who is feeling much better now, thankfully) is very annoyed that he got locked in the basement until these guys are finished - I didn't want him underfoot or stepping on anything sharp, and I knew that all the kerfuffle would just upset him.  He has his litterbox and food dishes down there, plus I put one of his little quilts on the floor for him.  AWwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww I'm such a furmom, LOL!!!

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  1. Ah. I see you decided not to go with a different Day-Glo colour in each room, as I had suggested. Probably a good move. Love the colour you settled on. Just make sure you're prepared with professional strength spot removers on hand in case of kitty accidents!



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