Monday, April 5, 2010

Found the pillowcases ...

It was a good day today - I found the lost Easter fabric pillowcases ...
... baked 2 pepperoni pizzas for supper ...

 ... notice the 2" tall bubble in this one, LOL! ....

... and tried a new-to-me recipe for maple pudding cake (made with real maple syrup, from the Coutts farm in Perth, Ontario :D) - I did taste the sauce, but only a teaspoon *proud grin :)*.  Damn it was good!  Next time I'll drop the oven temp to 350 - it came out a little too brown @ 375 after being in the oven for only 30 minutes.  I may even decrease the amount of brown sugar by half - it was a bit too sweet.  Dear God did I say that out loud??!??!!  Check the news - hell may just have frozen over!! ;)


  1. Those pillow cases are just too cute. I meant to make some this year but it never happened.

  2. Maple? Is that a maple cake??? Oh that sounds heavenly!


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