Saturday, April 10, 2010

Two days early for weigh-in ...

I usually do my weigh-in on Mondays but I've been watching the numbers and decided that in view of this morning's number, I would do my official weigh-in today ... because I hit a rather happy milestone - I've lost 30 pounds :)  I can fit into some old jeans now (although they're snug, so another 5 pounds should make them more comfy), and I spent this morning reorganizing my closet - a bunch of old clothes now fit so I hung them up, and got rid of a few pieces that are too baggy.  What a great start to the weekend!!!

I'm very photo phobic, but someone took this picture 2 years ago after I lost some weight and fit into the jeans.  Of course I regained the weight the next day *eye roll* so they didn't fit for LONG, lol!  But I must have been the same size then as I am now, so here you go - my hair is shorter now, and more grey, but that's me :)


  1. Woohoo! Way to go! Are those "the jeans"? What a great feeling getting rid of the "big" stuff eh?

  2. Congratulations!!! I'm so happy for you. It's gotta be a great feeling. Good to finally "see" you!

  3. Congrats on the big milestone!! I guess there must be a behind-the-scenes story regarding "the jeans" huh?!

    You've done great ! Look great !! Glad to hear (read: SEE !!) your hard work is paying off!!

  4. Girlfriend, you are my HERO!!! Way to go!!! nothing like fitting in to old jeans.....YEHHHHH Sandra!!!

  5. WOW WHEEEEEEE!!!! That is just too awesome. And you are such a cutie too!!!

  6. well about damn time I can put a face to the name...woohooo...keep up the good work on the weight loss....we are in this together girl...hugs Khris

  7. congrats to your new weight!

    I have no luck with mine. :(


  8. You amaze me Congrats on your loss!! I am so proud of you girlfriend. And still found time to sew and chat you rock!!


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