Thursday, April 8, 2010

This is why you do a draft first ...

when you're working without a pattern or instructions :D  My SIL asked me if I could make some cutlery wraps for her and her work buddies for their bag lunches - hell yeah I could!  She sent me a picture of what they wanted - it was a very simple project.  I figured it out in my head, and tonight I put thought to fabric.  Not the pretty fabric we picked out, tho - I wanted to do a trial first, just in case!  My results were pretty good, but with a few things that needed tweaking:

1.  Don't use one sided ribbon - if you have the pretty side out when you sew it, the wrong side will be out when it's tied!  Not so pretty, lol.  I'll change the ribbon to a fabric tab with velcro anyways - I didn't have extra test fabric for a tab, but I have lots of the good fabric.
2.  Move the tab (or ribbons) down to the middle of the wrap - for some reason I thought up high would be proper placement.  HUNH?! LOL!!!
3.  Round off the edges of the flap that folds down to keep the cutlery in place - when the wrap is rolled, the flaps are a bit unwieldly - the corners stick out a bit.  Round corners should eliminate the problem. 

I'll work on the good ones after I get approval from the recipient!  Heather?

OOoooO - a couple of hours later - I just had a thought.  The wrap as made has 5 slots for cutlery because the one I was copying, had 5 slots.  Maybe I'll leave one slot double width so they can slide a cloth napkin in.  4 cutlery slots should be more than enough, I would think?  H?


  1. That is very cool ~ I look forward to seeing the official one.
    I always do my first try with fabric I don't really care about ~ it usually takes me a time or two to get the kinks worked out. Great job.

  2. It looks great! You don't really need to put that little velcro closure on the top part that comes down once you put the thing around it with velcro on it. You're right that needs to go in the middle. I also like the idea of making one slot wider. The girl at work also had a really skinny one and she had in an orange peeler from Tupperware in there. I think the thing was probably about the size of an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper when it was all opened up. Maybe not quite that big but it gives you an idea. Looking forward to seeing the finished product.


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