Monday, April 26, 2010

I'm such a noodlehead! ;)

Anna is the real noodlehead (actually her daughters are, but for the sake of clarity and brevity, I'll lay that moniker on Anna, hehe) but I'll be a noodlehead assistant - I made my first noodlehead zipper bag today, lol!!  It's sooo cute!!
I followed her directions for the gathering & front band, but then I did my usual Heart of Mary construction for the rest of the bag - I can do these in my sleep now, lol.  I love the way the gathers look - it adds a nice dimension and ZING to the bags - thanks, Anna, for the tute and idea!

On Saturday hubby and I went to New York to go to a quilt show at the Amherst Museum, and to do a bit of shopping.  He's always so good about taking me to stuff like that - he's a nice guy :)  (He even asked, on the way home, when the big show is in Kitchener so we can make plans to go!).  We went to the show and to several Joanns, Walmart, Kmart and Aldi ... I had a few quilt stores on my list but I was just too tuckered to shop any more.  How embarrassing!!  I did manage to find some pretties, and came home very happy :)  Not pictured - 2 queen sized Warm n Natural batts, 10 yards of iron on interfacing, and a Fig Tree quilts clutch pattern :D

Hubby won a doorprize at the quilt show, and he kindly donated the win to his loving and appreciative wife :D  Next time I'll remember to take my camera to the show - there were some AMAZING quilts on display - absolutely breathtaking!

It was a great day with perfect weather - I just wish our friends Luchy & Attilio NoBlog could have come with us - we'll be going again, tho, so hopefully next time they can make it :)


  1. Your zippy clutch is super cute. I love the gathers.

  2. Sure wish I could have the time to sew too! but have to wait a bit longer - love your blog! and your links are awesome - your blog and links are somewhat of a must see everyday - hope to see you soon! L

  3. so cute Sandra, wonderful job, the heart of mary technique sounds interesting, too!

  4. Hi Spicey the fabrics look so yummy!!! I love to pick themout I am so addicted, love it!! happy sewing to you until we meet again. heheheh QW PP

  5. ohhh what a man...going to a quilt show and winning fabric...geez...lucky the fabric too...hugs Khris

  6. beat though hey...I did the same but used my own way of constructing the rest of the the pleated look it gives though...a nice change...hugs Khris


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