Monday, April 19, 2010

Now ... iDon'tLaugh!

ARGH I decided to finish up a project (simple tote bag) I had cut out and started weeks ago - I just finished stitching the lining and bag together, which means that the only things left to do are to topstitch the top, and to handstitch the opening (through which the piece was turned right sides out) closed.  THE POCKET IS UPSIDE DOWN!!!  The rick rack and opening are at the bottom!!!

I'm going to have to rip the whole pocket off, open the bottom of the lining, restitch the pocket in place, then restitch the bottom of the lining.  Yeah - I'm happy.  NOT!!! LOL!!!

Edited about 15 minutes later:  OK, it didn't take very long to fix the problem, and it wasn't very difficult, LOL.  I'll definitely pay closer attention to pocket orientation next time *rolls eyes* :D


  1. Doncha just hate when that happens!!!

  2. a beautiful tote tho'


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