Friday, April 30, 2010

A wee zipper bag to match the tote :)

I made a tote a few weeks ago out of some fabrics that had been given to me by a friend - today I found a remnant piece of the original fabric, so I whipped up a zipper bag to match :)  The zipper bag is self-lined, and the rick rack trim on the outside is the same as the rick rack trim on the inside pocket of the tote - I managed to use up not only a fabric remnant, but a rick rack remnant as well :D

RIP Fabricland Aurora - my local fabric store (only 10 minutes away by bus - it was SO convenient!!!) closed today - there's another one 15 minutes away by car (an even bigger store, actually) but - well - it's not my local little store that was so easy to get to!  I hope all the employees find new jobs quickly, and I hope a decent store goes in it's place!  A Joanns would be nice ... ROTFL!!!  Too bad we don't have that delicious chain here in Canada :D

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  1. don't ya hate it when you loose a favorite store? Don't ya love it when you can use up scraps!!!


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