Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

I hope everyone had a happy and safe Easter ... we spent the day at my husband's oldest brother's house with his whole family - we had a delicious dinner - they're Italian so as you can imagine, the food was AMAZING :D

I wish I'd taken my camera to get photos of the star of the day - 2 year old Matteo (great nephew) who was, as he always is - an absolute delight.  I gave him one of the Easter pillowcases I made - he was more interested in the chocolate pirate ship that was IN the p-case, LOL.  What a darling wee muffin!  And his mom made me some crocheted dishcloths - I LOVE 'EM!!! 

Hopefully my weigh-in goes well tomorrow --- I didn't overeat today, but there wasn't anything "low fat" to be found - I didn't even have so much as a taste of dessert or candy or chocolate, so the numbers should be in my favor in the morning ... I hope!!  I'm not a saint tho - when we got home I scarfed down 2 x 100 calorie Ah Caramel bars - that satisfied my need for sugar :D


  1. How did you restrain yourself with that Italian food? Oh maaaaan! I didn't even have any Italian food and ate too much. Well back on the old diet today. Have a fun day :D

  2. My MIL has been here visiting which means eating out ~ which leads to too much eating.


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