Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Made by request ...

for a friend's DIL - I think she has a monkey button or pin to attach to it, lol!

We just got back from taking Z to the vet - he was pretty sick yesterday so we got him checked out. Hopefully he'll start feeling better now. I asked DS1 to grab a photo when we got back - just because ... just because I'm wearing my jeans and a button shirt and they FIT :)  Fat people will know what I mean!


  1. Are those flamingos I see on the design wall behind you? I think I need a closer look!

    Congrats on wearing your clothes so nicely. I can't do that!!! I have cut my hair and let it go all naturally curly. Now we are both curly red heads!

  2. You look fabulous!!!!! I am so proud of you....

  3. You look great, you are my hero and inspiration!

  4. you look great, absolutely a hot mama.



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