Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Please don't ... don't eat the daisies ...

The blue/daisy fabric one of the two that hubby won at the Amherst Museum quilt show this past Saturday - the fabric that he was kind enough to donate to *moi* ;)  I decided to use it up and make a tote bag - I had just enough of the daisies and just enough of the yellow gingham to do this set.  I didn't even have an inch left to go in the scrap bin - I used every last bit of both fabrics, which means that two pieces of stash fabric are now used up!  I want to pick up some trim at Fabricland to finish the project off - I didn't have enough fabric to make the straps a bit more substantial so I want to add a strip of white/yellow daisy trim to the middle of each, and then use the same trim on each of the two (self-lined) zipper bags.  I got everything done to the point of needing to attach the trim, so it won't take long to finish the set when I get the supplies!


  1. Wow, love LOVe this fabric and the reference, loved that movie too :)
    Your hub can donate fabric to me too :D

  2. The fabric combination is a winner. This is so cute.

  3. LOVE that fabric. What a sweet hubster. That bag is going to be great.


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