Monday, April 12, 2010

Sibling rivalry? Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

The graffiti is DS2's opinion of DS1's painting skills - as you can see, DS1 is rather entertained by the notion :D  Believe it or not, these two get along incredibly well - I don't know if it's because they're so close in age (17months apart) or ???, but they really are great buddies, and have been ever since they were little :)  Such good boys!!  Shhhhhhhhh don't tell them I said so :)

We got the downstairs primed yesterday - rather - the guys primed while I did laundry and supervised ;).  I thought hubby and I would come to blows with our disagreements about what would be done and what wouldn't - it was like a marital war zone at one point! We shall persevere, tho ...and hopefully get through this renovation in one piece, and still married!! ;)  He really should just do what "I" want - it would make life so much easier ... FOR ME!!! :D

P.S.  I revived my cooking blog so I could try to keep cooking/sewing+life stuff separate - here :)


  1. You boys rock! They are funny. I know what you mean by renovation arguements--I tend to do mine when hubby isn't home anymore. He just doesn't understand that I am always right!!! LOL

  2. Your son is a real cutie! Glad they get along. My girl/boy are 20 mos apart and seems like they fight all the time but just when I think it's hopeless they are the best of friends. Guess it goes in cycles. We are doing just some minor renovations (moving furniture) making room for some new stuff! YEAH!

  3. So funny...gotta love it...and I cannot see Dennis putting up a fuss...he will always defer to you, the QUEEN!


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