Thursday, February 10, 2011

Many things - many many things :D

These zipper bags were already completed, but tonight I made beaded zipper pulls for them.

Ladybug book thong with the new ladybug beads I bought in Newmarket :)

Close-up of the bigger beads :)
Small elephant stuffy made from minky-ish fabric left over from a previous project :) 

Here are a couple of pictures for Miz Wonky Girl who sews with a gorgeous 1948 FW (as opposed to my much newer and modern 1953 201, LOL!) - here's one of my 3 string quilts under construction - I always have string blocks on the go to use up scraps, so when I get enough blocks I make a quilt.  Here's one row + the next blocks that are under construction :D

A pink string quilt under construction - years ago I picked out all my pink strings and put them in a box, then started making blocks to use up all the pink.  I finally got enough blocks made a few weeks ago, and started assembling Pinky :)

I'll post a photo of string quilt #3 tomorrow - the it's my second (of 7) projects for Myra's PHD Challenge - the top is done and I'll be birthing it with a polar fleece backing :)


  1. My goodness you've been busy! Love the ladybugs, and the bags, and now I want to make a string quilt! Oh you make the prettiest things!

  2. Oh wow, you are well on your way to some very pretty string quilts. I like both, heck there are no ugly fabrics especially when combined into string blocks.
    Now, you know you have to work on these so we can see them finished. LOL I feel lucky to finish one quilt a month.

  3. I'll second that! The fabric for those pouches is so cute. I do have a query about the elephant - is it a MALE elephant?? Did you need to be that graphic?? ;0)


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