Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Try something new today :)

I came across some thin yarn today when I was looking for something, and it matched the piece of scrap jungle print fabric I had sitting on my cutting table, so I decided to try out the cording foot I had purchased on ebay a long short time ago :)  This is basically what it looks like, but I can't get a good close-up with my camera.

Here's my second attempt at using this foot.  The first attempt was so puckery and laughable that I gave it a quick and painless death in my garbage can without a second thought :)  Even with it's imperfections I could tell that this technique had promise...

A closer view of attempt #2 ... ooOOOO looking good!  Curves = check ... angles = check ... this has possibilities!  I'll go for broke and try it on a real project *biting my nails* :D

IT WORKED!  HOLY CRAP IT WORKED!  I actually squealed out loud when I saw the completed project.  Scary, eh? LOL! 

Hopefully this gives you a clearer view of what the couching looks like - I do like this ... A LOT!!  I'm so glad I tried this out instead of being too nervous to give it a shot :)  (Buttonholes are coming up, Wendy, LOL!) :)

BTW - I wasn't entirely successful with my "firsts" today - I also tried dying the cord pink!! for the drawstring ... using beet juice from the can of beets I had opened in the kitchen.  The drawstring didn't soak up even a millilitre of the juice, so it remained off white, LOL.  Will try it again later with egg dye that Nancy gave me last year :D


  1. Wow, it did work - I'd love to give that a try sometime! Not sure if I have a couching foot or not. Love that little bag, especially with the couching!

  2. Now that does look fun. I don't know if I've got a couching foot either - my machine came with a variety of feet, no explanation of what they do though!

  3. Hey, cool.
    I vacuumed the lint out of my machine today, and in the process, discovered I have a quilting edge gauge. I have to sit down with that manual sometime...
    I love that couching!

  4. I haven't done any couching in ages...looks like I may have to revisit it soon!


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