Friday, February 18, 2011

FNSI - first report ;)

Here's my first FNSI post - I've finished "Part A" of my goals (making the 5 oranges zipper bags) - I needed to stretch a bit so I came up to post this to my blog - soon I'm headed back downstairs to make the beaded zipper pulls for the bags :)

I hope everyone else that's participating is having a fun time - I'm looking forward to seeing what projects have been completed!

I found a tip today that I was able to try out tonight while making my bags - actually I tried it out 5 times, LOL!  Here's a "turning trick" for when you leave an opening in a project so you can turn it right sides out - it isn't always easy to turn under the raw edges and have it look nice.  This tip WORKS! 

Here's a photo of what you do - just add a couple of tiny seams at the beginning and end of the stitching - when you turn, you'll have lovely seam allowances to press under.  FABULOUS!  Thank you to Sunni for posting such a great tip!

OK - back to the quilt cave with me ... as soon as The Closer is over on TV, lol.  Love Kyra Sedgewick!!  ;)

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  1. woooh, freaky coincidence, I tried that turning trick too and it really does work!! Love the pouches


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