Saturday, February 12, 2011

Strings and lighthouses :)

 Completion #2 (of 7) for the PhD Challenge @ Myra's blog - Nick is holding it up for me, lol.
Here's Nick posing under the quilt for a "reality shot" - you can see the turquoisey blue fleece backing just behind his head :)  I see Zoomer also decided he should be in both photos, LOL!  This quilt measures 54 x 72", and will be donated to a local shelter.

Last finish of the day - a couple of lighthouse zipper bags (thanks Susan in KC for the fabric!) that will go to Blue Hills for a couple of the boys :)  I'm finally using up my small stash of carabiners - soon I'll need to find and buy more of them - I love adding them to the bags for a bit of bling!


  1. Love it and the feet sticking out under it. Thanks Nick! Your home is lovely!!!

  2. Gorgeous quilt - too funny about Zoomer! I admire you for giving it away, Sandra. Love your lighthouse zipper bags, those will be awesome for boys.

  3. It must feel awesome to have that quilt done! So sweet of you to donate it too :)

  4. Love the way you assembled it, like zigzag :-)
    I can see a lazy zoomer in the pic when Nick is holding the quilt for you. :-)



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