Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Burgundy day :D

Today's finishes - the last of the projects I had kitted up a while back - I'm glad to be finished using that red brocadey type fabric (the bottom bags) as it shreds like crazy, and I don't have a serger! 

I also got a bit more work done on my current PhD (a string quilt), kitted up more projects, and made half a dozen string blocks for yet another scrap-buster string quilt - I usually have at least one of these underway, lol.  I managed to kill my second Shark iron - the first one, a really fancy one bought for me by my oldest son, lasted a year, and this one, a mid-line Shark, also only lasted a year.  I iron a LOT!  I guess I just wear them out - imagine!


  1. How pretty! Not too sure about the spider fabric [eek!] but I love the brocade. Although I too hate fabric that falls apart while I sew it!

    You are SO busy!!! I've just about given up on irons, I seem to go through one a year so I get the cheapies. If I could just find one that didn't have auto-shut-off though!

  2. Another iron, you do (as you say) iron the snot outta stuff...I need a new one too, only because I'm getting brown stuff coming out and I can't fix it anymore. Great stuff Sandra!

  3. You killed another Shark iron?!!!!!! I am amazed. You need to go to Cayne's in Thornhill. Great prices -- you could get two at a time ;-)
    I love the bags!


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