Wednesday, February 16, 2011

PhD #3 under construction :)

Here's the PhD (project half done) that I'm currently working on - this is #3 of 7 for me - I call it the baseball quilt because the alternate blocks are golf fabric! ;) 

 Here's a snowman book thong I made today - you'd think that a snowman bead would be orange/black/white but no - these snowman beads have yellow noses, lol.  So - I used yellow/black/white beads to match :)

 A close-up of the snowman beads :)
30's print gift bag - made to use up this scrap of fabric that was given to me by a friend :)

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  1. That 30s print fabric is fab! I love that you call our quilt a baseball quilt!?!? Can we have a close up of one of your book thongs as I'm not sure what the main bit actually looks like.


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