Friday, February 25, 2011

Happy birthday Brian :)

Happy birthday to our late brother Brian - Feb. 25/64 - Dec. 31/98.  Hard to imagine that the baby of the family would have been 47 today! 

Here's a gift bag I made tonight - hubby was watching a dreadful show on TV (1000 Ways to Die, or something like that) - when it looked like a guy was going to cut off his arm cast with a damn circular saw I left the room.  Couldn't figure out how to turn the sound on on Chris' "fancy" tv, so in frustration I went down to the basement to sew :D  At least I'm productive when I'm frustrated, LOL!!

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  1. How you must miss your brother...I'm so sorry hon. Darling bag, I don't think I could watch that show either - good excuse to run to the sewing machine!


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