Monday, February 14, 2011

Lighthouses, denim and pups :)

I believe this is the last of the lighthouse fabric I was gifted (except for a boxy bag I have kitted up to work on later).  These bags utilize the last of the "boy" caribiners I have, and more "electricians denim" (aka old jeans my husband and sons have worn out, lol), and will be going to some boys @ Blue Hills :)  I need to find and buy more carabiners - I love adding them to these bags!

My next project is for a special little boy who has a 3rd birthday coming up ;)  The outer fabric (the white print) is doggy themed, the ribbon spool has dog paw prints on it, and the charm (under the red gingham ribbon - silver, and very tiny) is a dog :)   As soon as I get this finished I can can get it mailed out to the recipient as a surprise (more of a surprise that it will be on time ... ROTFL!).

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