Thursday, February 24, 2011

Pink Penguin fabric basket :)

I want to make a few Pink Penguin fabric baskets, so I made this one first to refamiliarize myself with the project, and to use up a few little pink scraps, lol.  This basket measures about 8" x 3.5" x 3.5" :)  The "real" baskets will be pieced and patchworked and blinged out - this one was just a quicky! :)


  1. Sooo cute!
    Need to make one of these next week, 'kay?

  2. So cute! I want to make one too!

  3. That really is too cute, I need to put that on my list. I think it would be lovely to have current projects each in their own baskets!

  4. So very cute. Reading your blog always makes me want to run down to the sewing room. If only I had the time.....
    I have been playing with beads though. Made a watch and a bunch of bracelets for me and Julz.

  5. So pretty! I've had this tute bookmarked for a while but thought it would be too hard for me, did it whip up quickly?


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