Monday, September 26, 2011

Seize the moment and DANCE :)

I finally finished the zipper pulls for this ladybug bag set - I got little ladybug beads on Ebay a while ago that were perfect as the main stone for the pulls :)

More stashbusting, the burgundy boxy bag finished off a piece of corduroy I had in stash, and the pillowcase used up the last of this farm fabric :)

Turn your volume down if you're at work!  Watch dad enjoying some music and dancing with his adorable baby - so sweet!  My husband wouldn't ever have done anything like this, LOL.


  1. Cute video.. my hubz would never have done something like that either... love your ladybugs...

  2. You are a bag designer and you have a good choice of your fabrics
    Thanks for your nice visits

  3. I was sure I'd replied to this... guess it got lost in the ether somewhere. Our internet has been acting weird. Anyway...

    When I met your husband, he struck me as being kind of reserved and perhaps even shy. At least that's my first brief impression.

    But I can just picture my Dad doing something like this with one of us or with a grandchild. My Dad is by no means shy or reserved. I can remember seeing him dance at home with our kids when they were toddlers. If the opportunity presented itself, he'd have danced with them anywhere, no matter how many people were watching... lol. And I suspect that Dave would have too... he's another one who doesn't know the meaning of reserved or shy.

    WOW... more finishes. I haven't touched the sewing machines since FNSI; I've been working on so much crochet and embroidery.


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